Terms and Conditions OS Kletterwald Ossiacher See Betriebs KG

Liability: Participation in activities in the Kletterwald are at our own risk. Participants are liable for self inflicted accidents and damages. Instruction given by the staff has to be followed. Any participant disregarding instruction given to them by staff members may be excluded from any further activity by the park management. In such cases there is no reimbursement of previously paid entrance fees.
Terms of participation and Safety Instructions: Each participant is obliged to participate in the safety instruction for the belay system and harnesses before entering the parcours. For safety purposes, only specialized equipment provided by Kletterwald Ossiacher See has to be used. We do not allow private harnesses or belay systems. During their stay in the park participants are not permitted to leave the park property with their harness, belay system or helmet.  After climbing all safety equipment is to be returned at the designated “return area”. The switching of climbing equipment between visitors without prior payment and safety instruction is also prohibited. At all times a minimum of one carabiner has to be attached to the safety cable during climbing. Parents and/or the accompanying adults are responsible to ensure proper usage of the belay system by their children or accompanying minors. Until age 14 kids need supervision by an adult. Kids under the age of 10 have to be accompanied by an adult in the parcours. Participants are responsible for proper clothing. The maximum weight per participant is 120 kg for both the tree top adventure park and the Fly-Line. Kids can participate in climbing activities at age 6, the Fly-Line can be used at an empty weight of 20 kg. Each exercise in the parkour can be used by one person only, platforms can be entered or used by 3 persons at once. The Flying Fox installations can be used by one person at a time only as long as no other participant resides in the arrival area.  
Foto- and Video recordings: OS Kletterwald Ossiacher See Betriebs KG may take picture or video material for information or commercial purposes. Participants not agreeing to these terms may communicate this prior to commencing with the climbing activities.  

 Necklaces and bigger jewelry has to be taken off before climbing. Mobile phones and cameras have to be safely secured, long hair tied back. Kletterwald Ossiacher See does not take liability for lost or damaged property. There is a no-smoking policy on the property. Smoking is only permitted at the hut area.  

Consent form: By signing the terms of participation form, participants declare that they do not suffer from a physical or psychological illness and/or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Due to health-risk reasons is the participation in activities in the Kletterwald during pregnancy not allowed. 

Terms of payment: The operator reserves the right to close the infrastructure for safety measures such as climate conditions. There is no compensation for entry fees paid prior to such an event or in case of untimely cessation.